Corrections: Bolshoi Confidential

Corrections to the Norton Hardcover and Paperback editions include: 

-xiv: government-santioned should be government-sanctioned

-xxv: delete “premier” (should be “remembered recoiling as Leonid Brezhnev”)

-Page 142: bras en courronne should be bras en couronne

-Page 230, “Lenin’s home in Gorski” should be “Lenin’s home in Gorki”

Sixth to last photo: change Alicia Alonso to Malika Sabirova. The caption should be Malika Sabirova, minister of culture Ekaterina Furtseva, . . .
Second to last photo: the caption should be: Vladimir Vasiliev and Ekaterina Maksimova in Spartacus

-Page 356: Change: “In 1919 at Smolensk University” to “In 1919 in Smolensk”

-Page 371: Maximova should be Maksimova

-Page 371: change “the choreographer’s sister” to “the choreographer’s sister-in-law”

-Page 374: Change “The chairman of the Supreme Soviet, Alexei Kosïgin, took,” to “The premier of the Soviet Union, Alexei Kosïgin, attended”

-Page 374: change “Chulaki was fired” to “Chulaki retired”

-Page 407: change “during the 1990s” to “in the years ahead”