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New York Times: "Artists Across US Take to Stage to Protest Trump Policies"

"The new production of "Within the Quota" stands as an act of resistance to the nativist calls within the Trump administration, said Simon Morrison, the Princeton music professor who rediscovered the ballet two years ago. During the election, Morrison said he saw parallels between the climate of the 1920s and today. "Given the political situation, I realized a complaint against immigration restrictions was apropos," Morrison said.... 

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Town Topics: "Princeton University Performs Ballet With Rarely Heard Cole Porter Score"

Two years ago, Princeton University music professor Simon Morrison was working on an article in the archives of Yale University when he noticed the original score for a ballet by none other than Cole Porter. Within the Quota, which had libretto, scenery, and costumes by wealthy expatriate artist Gerald Murphy, premiered in Paris in 1923 and was Porter’s only commission for a ballet.

With its then-timely theme of immigration, Within the Quota was performed by a Swedish company, Ballet Suedois, to successful reviews in Europe and on an American tour. But when the troupe folded soon after, the work largely disappeared, said Mr. Morrison...

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